If you are looking for the Volkswagen T1 of your dreams (also known as Transporter 1, Type 2 bus, campervan or Splitvan), Vintage Car Trading Nederland BV will be the right place to visit. We offer VW-T1 buses at a very attractive price / quality ratio, ranging from restoration projects until fully restored and refurnished models.

Please take a look at our SALES page and see what we have to offer you.

If your bus is not between the offered models, we can make the bus according to your needs and wishes. With your creative input and our knowledge and contacts, we can provide the perfect final result.

Our advantage lies in the fact that we are living in the Netherlands and in Brazil, this perfect combination and good cooperation produces the best results. We now have an extensive knowledge of this market, and we are an enterprising and enthusiastic company speaking dutch, german, english and portuguese. Our continuous presence in the country of origin allows us to control the quality, deadlines and bureaucratic handling. We do everything from A to Z ourselves, partly in the country of origin, partly in our garage and showroom in Venlo. We will not let you leave our showroom unsatisfied, and will always try to help you with the right VW-T1 or other models. Are you close to Venlo, feel free to visit us without obligation to have a coffee and see what we can do for you.

Also have a look at our sales page to see the sold models in order to get an impression of the models that we have in our stock regularly. Is the color or color combination of a particular model not your style, we can easily paint the color or combination according to your wishes and preferences. We can assist you to choose the right VW colors who were 'original' in the 50s and 60s in Europe. See here for some examples of common and popular color combinations.

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VW-T1 import is a trademark of VCT NeDERLAND BV.