If you are looking for a VW oldtimer or any other oldtimer manufactured in Brazil (eg. DKW, Puma, Karmann Ghia, etc.), you can let us know via email or fill in the contact form quickly and easily, and we will give you an answer soon.

We have recently also started restoration projects in the country of origin. That means that we find VW-T1 models in a lower price category with a good structure that is a good starting point for full restoration. The vehicle will be totally disassembled and restored, also with replacement of the necessary carparts so the stunning end result is a virtually new car.


It's very interesting for the customer to assemble their own VW-T1 bus. Also thanks to the new app from kombi-nation, you can enjoy yourself creatively and make the bus of your dreams and show us the result. Then we can make this bus for you because during the restoration process several choices can be made, just think of the color combination, design interior of the seats, several luxury finishes such as chrome logo with trim and chrome rims, replica Samba etc . The choices are too numerous to mention. The buses will also be in a good technical condition so that there will be no worries to put for example Dutch licence plates or licence plates from other European countries. We have experience with this and can assist you. These kind of restoration projects require usually a certain restoration period, and usually we require a small down payment. But the selling price is more favorable to you than if you buy directly through our company in the Netherlands. You go into a contract directly with the Brazilian firm which is by the way under Dutch management, and your vehicle will be immediately shipped to your address without the intervention of our Dutch company.

If you decide to start your project with us and you go on to purchase, we arrange all the documents and formalities in the country of origin. Then we will ship the car in a sea container to the Netherlands. In the Netherlands we assist you with all the necessary paperwork and ensure that the vehicle is cleared and the import tax is paid. If required we can also arrange for you the registration application and the Dutch RDW test.

Once the vehicle is registered with a dutch licence registration plate, it can easily be transferred to other European countries.